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Cheap, but good Steamgames

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Cheap, but good Steamgames Empty Cheap, but good Steamgames

Post by Varileztra on Tue May 14, 2013 5:36 am

In this thread you can introduce some cheap, but fun Steam games.

And i will do the start:

R.U.S.E is avaiable for 10€.

It´s a strategy game from 2010. As in almost every strategy game you gotta build up a base and try to crush your enemies. Therefor you have tons of possibilities with pros and cons.

I myself love artillery. Mostly I play the Russians, cuz they have a really strong artillery. This makes me able to destroy enemy units over half of the map on a very large map or the enemy base directly on a very small map. I also am pretty strong against aircrafts, since the artillery base also can recruit AA guns, which i can hide in forrests or small towns, to make them invisible to the enemy, when he doesnt have any recon troos around.

In addition i am building tons of administration buildins. They give me 1$ every 4 seconds and cost 100$ each. And i already did the math - one admin building needs 6 minutes to refund itself. In the end i have like 12 admin buildings and like 150 katyuscha (Katyuscha

This makes me very strong on long range and i have enough money to get new troops. The problem is, that IF the enemy gets through with some heavy tanks, i have lost. Or if he comes through early in the game, cuz as i said, those admin buildings need time to refund themselves.

On the other hand, a tank-only player has lost, when his opponent has some anti-tank guns hidden in forrests and stuff.

To make it more complex every player gets a new R.U.S.E from time to time. These allow you to put some special effect on a sector, like forcing your troops to stop communication, which makes them invisible to the enemy, or a spy, to see what troops the enemy has exactly, because troops, that arent seen directly, are shown as a chip, so you only know if it´s a heavier unit or a normal soldier. But there again is a R.U.S.E, that allows you to flip those around, so it might seem like the enemy comes with like 20 soldiers, but the truth is, that he comes with 20 Heavy Tanks.

Cheap, but good Steamgames 920323_409964219101811_770973909_o


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